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Phil Mandley, LMT Massage Blog

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Massage for Marathoners

I had the great opportunity to have a massage session with two women who ran in Saturday's Country Music Marathon.  I really enjoy meeting people from all over the country when they come to Nashville to visit.

I also appreciate the trust these two women had in me, a stranger, allowing me in their hotel room to give them a massage.  That's really enormous to me.  It's humbling to be given the opportunity to help relive pain and give comfort to complete strangers through this great art of massage.  

OK, I'm starting to sound like a "massage brochure" here...but I'm really fortunate to have the job that I have.    :-)

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Soreness and Massage

(Some information for this article provided by Shirley Vanderbilt, ABMP writer.)

Have you ever had a great massage one day, then a few days later felt run down, fatigued or even felt like you were coming down with a cold?  It might have been the massage.  

A massage effects you entire body.  From the tiniest lymphatic vessels to the largest muscle groups, massage moves "stuff" around.  And that "stuff" can be toxins that the body has stored up, cellular debris (cellular waste) and lactic acid built up in the muscles.   Massage also loosens tight muscles, ligaments and tendons.  

If flu-like symptoms and soreness occurs after a massage, it should only last for a day or two.  If it last longer, it could be that the massage was too intense.  Talk to your therapist about adjusting the pressure and intensity of your next session.  

A good massage can be like a workout, so understand that every body reacts differently to massage.  Doctors recommend drinking plenty of water following a massage to help fluch out toxins that may have been released during your session.  

So if you're a little sore following your next massage, all it means is that you probably had a pretty good session.


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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hotel Out Call Massage

A few years ago I decided to not to do as many out call massage sessions to Nashville area hotels.  I was getting too many drunk, out-of-town men calling me at 10:00 pm looking for a "massage."  I actually stopped answering my phone after 6;00 pm for that very reason.  

Fortunately today, I got a nice call from the hotel manager over at the Franklin Marriott Hotel.  Two women who are running in Nashville's Country Music Marathon have called in advance wanting the hotel to arrange a massage session for them.  The manager was great to work with and everything is set.  

It's really nice to work with clients who call in advance to book a session and aren't looking for "something else."  (Winky-winky)  

I'm looking forward to the massage sessions, and I hope my two guest clients enjoy their stay here in Nashville.


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clothed Massage Session?

Recently, one of my regular massage clients threw me a curve.  Although the massage table i use is heated, and I have plenty of warm sheets and blankets, this client decided to keep his T-shirt on during the massage.  No problem!  

One of the first massage modalities that i learned was Thai massage.  Thai massage is wonderful and it's done fully clothed, so my client's request was no problem.  Also, I've also had training in Chinese Tui Na massage, which can also be done fully clothed.  

Although it's been awhile since I did a fully clothed massage session, it was fun to dig back into my massage "bag-of-tricks" to work with this client, and he really loved the session.  I might just incorporate more "clothed" techniques into all of my sessions!  :-)



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Massage for Back pain

(Some material for this blog came from ABMP writer Karrie Osborn.)

Back pain!  We've all felt it, but did you know some of the causes? High on the list of causes for back pain is stress.  When our bodies a re stress, we naturally go into a protective mode that helps shield ourselves.  Another word for it is "armoring."  We "armor" our bodies to protect it from the perceived stressful event.  And this armoring leads to poor posture, which can lead to back aches.  

As a massage therapist, I have personally seen the changes massage can make to a person's back.  Many of my clients have come to me with terrible back pain.  Massage has proved to help release the stressed muscles and helped to relieve the stress in the client's life.  Both of which can help to reduce the body's pain.

Regular massage helps improve circulation, increase the release of endorphins, improve movement and increase relaxation...and best of just feels great!  



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