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Franklin Massage Therapy / Deep Tissue Massage

     Deep Tissue Massage is a great way to get to the lower layers of muscle in your body.  And to be honest with you, almost every one of my client's wants a deep tissue massage.  But here's the secret to getting a great deep tissue massage....let the massage therapist work slowly to get to those lower layers of muscle.  Let me explain.

     Your muscles are great at protecting you.  If they think that your are "under attack," they contract (or stiffen) to protect the organs under them.  So if a massage therapist just starts digging into your back, your muscles are going to contract to protect your lungs and kidneys, etc.  But if the therapist works slowly to gently relax those upper layers of muscle, then the lower layers become more exposed and can receive the benefits of a great massage.  Unfortunately, many clients request deep tissue work as soon as they get on the massage table, not allowing the therapist time to work deeper.

     Also, some muscles can experience something called "armoring."  This is when the muscle is so tight and contracted that it won't release easily.  many times this armoring is caused by emotional or physical trauma from the past.  It's just another way that your body is trying to protect you.  To work through a muscle that is armored takes time, and you might not get the results you want in your first massage session.  Muscle armoring can happen over many years, so it's not realistic to believe that the armoring will go away in one visit to a massage therapist.  

     So the next time you're about to get a deep tissue massage, take the time to ask your massage therapist how he/she works.  Will they work slowly so that they can give you that great deep tissue massage you want?  Or are they going to plow full speed ahead into your muscles and "really go deep"?  (If so, run away.)

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