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Franklin Massage Therapy / Fertility Massage Links

Here are several fertility web sites that we have found to be useful.  Because I haven't read all the material on all of these pages, I'm not endorsing them totally.  They're just some good places to visit and get information.

Most of these sites are national, and not from Franklin or Nashville organizations.

The Fertile Heart, Exploring Natural Options to Encourage Fertility

Nurturing The Mother, A Mind, Body, Spirt Approach to Pre and Peri Natal Massage

The author of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" has this web site.  Good Information.

Dr. Xu, MD, MS, LAc
Chinese Medical Doctor here in Nashville.

Garden Of
Free Fertility Calendars, Male and Female Reproductive Anatomy and Information on Fertility Cycles and Nutrition.
Fertility Health Information

Here's a link to a report about how weight can effect pregnancy


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