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Franklin Massage Therapy / Fertility Massage

Nashville and Franklin's First and Only
Certified Fertility Massage Specialist

Massage Designed to Help Couples Conceive


     Fertility and infertility.  If you are reading this, then you already know that these two words have a tremendous emotional and physical impact on a couple trying to have a baby.

   My interest in fertility enhancing massage therapies stems from my own desire to help my family and friends find a holistic means to increase their chances of conceiving a baby.  As you probably already know, there are so many factors involved in becoming pregnant.  The health of both the father and mother, timing of conception, diet, age... and the list goes on.  I became frustrated by the way many doctors here in the Nashville area were/are treating my family and friends as they go through this difficult time in their lives.  I began to search for a way that I could, as a massage therapist, help couples have a baby.

     My research has lead me to several different massage methods that can/may have an effect on conception.  These techinques deal with a deeper type of abdominal massage that may increase the blood flow to the reproductive organs, thus increasing the overall health of those organ, therefore helping in conception.

   Before I go any further, let me be very honest with you.  This is a massage technique that may help with fertility issues.  It's like when farmer tills the soil to make sure that the ground is ready for the spring time planting.  (Perhaps not the best analogy, but the only one that I can come up with right now.)  By clearing out blockages within the body, blood flow may increase.    

     As Mantak Chi points out in his book, Karsai Nei Tsang, the massage helps open possible blockages inside the body.  These blockages can come from aging, emotional and physical traumas, toxins, polluted food and water and too much stress.  There are blockages in our circulatory system that affect blood and lymph flow, blockages that cause our organs to function poorly, especially the kidney, bladder, spleen, pancreas, lung, prostate gland, uterus, just to name a few.  If the blockages are removed, then the reproductive organs may become healthier, thus helping in conception.

     Again, this is a massage desigend to help with a couple's overall health, fertility and conception plan.  It can not overcome all fertility concerns.  I can't and won't make a promise like that to you.  There are already too many people out there making unreal promises to couples who are dealing with fertility issues, and I'm not that type of therapist.

What is Fertility Massage? 

     Fertiltiy Massage is designed to increase the blood flow to the reproductive organs.  The massage combined with acupressure and reflexology points helps to stimulate the body's natural hormones, thus increasing the chances for conception.

   The massage itself is a deep abdominal massage.  The technique helps to loosen entangled tissue and free-up the reproductive organs.  The acupressure points help to stimulate the energetic properties of the body.  

   Each Fertiltiy Massage last about 90 to 120 minutes.  It is very relaxing and feels great.  Because the massage is so relaxing, it helps the body deal with issues of stress.  Stress has been linked to an increase in infertility among many women.  Stress increases the amount of hormones in the body that inhibit the emplantation of the egg.  Massage can help reduce the stress.  


For more information about my Fertilty Massage, please contact me at or call (615) 504-1587.

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