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Franklin Massage Therapy / Upper & Lower Back Pain

    Upper and lower back pain seem to be inherent in our Wester society today.  From the hours of sitting in front of the computer  (I'm just as guilty as you,Laughing) to the sedentary lives and poor diet we live with, lower and upper back pain seem to come hand in hand.  And...there's something you can do about it.

     Most of my clients that have back problems are guilty of one or more of these habits...poor posture and poor lifting technique.  As far as your posture is concerned, please take a look at the way you sit in your chair.  Are your shoulders slumped over?  Is your head leaning over the keyboard to read the screen?  Are you leaning back too far in your chair and rounding your back?  These are very simple things you can look at to make sure your back is in a good position while you sit.

     Did you know that for every inch you lean your head forward from it's center line, you add 10 pounds of weight to your skull.  So, let's do the math.  Your head weighs about 10 pounds, so if you are leaning two inches forward, your neck, shoulder and back muscles are having to hold up a 30 pound bowling ball on top of your body!  Eventually your back muscles are going to let you know that they're unhappy with the extra weight and give you a reminder...a back ache.

     And now let's talk about lifting.  We all know that we should "lift with your legs."  That means squat down, hold the item, and then stand up straight, using your legs to lift the object.  But we've all done it....grabbed something off the floor quickly by bending over and up we go!  And then it happens.  That burn you feel when the muscle tears...the pain that almost takes your breath away...and the realization that you've just really hurt yourself.  (My worst back injury happened in the spring of 1986 in Mobile, Alabama.  It was early morning and I bent over to pick up a camera lying on the ground.  The pain was so tremendous that i will never forget it!)  So, the best way to avoid these injuries is to take your time and lift with your legs...and get help lifting things that are just too heavy for one person to carry.

     And did you know that massage is a great way to help your upper and lower back?  By relaxing these muscles and increasing the blood flow to the muscle tissues, your body will help start a healing process.  Either with deep tissue, acupressure or stretching techniques, your tired and overworked muscles will get the nutrients they need to feel better.  Of course, if you are experiencing any kind of injury to your back, you should seek proper medical care from your healthcare practitioner.  Severe back pain can be serious, so please consult your physician prior to getting any kind of bodywork....and then get a massage!

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