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Franklin Massage Therapy / Phil Mandley, LMT

  • Cumberland School of Holistic Massage Therapies graduate, an approved TMLB school 
  • Tennessee Licensed  #6391
  • Nashville & Franklin's First and Only Certified Fertility Massage Specialist
  • Prenatal Trained
  • Certified in Thai Yoga Massage/Bodywork 
  • Acupressure Trained
  • Lymphatic Massage Trained 
  • Cancer Massage Trained 
  • Member of Williamson Co./Franklin Chamber of Commerce

     I am a massage therapist for a lot of reasons.  The most important reason is that for many years, my family and friends were going through some pretty rough health problems...and I couldn't do a thing for them.  On top of that, their doctors had given up hope for them and had basically perscribed enough medicine to help them endure the situation.  This made me feel helpless and angry.

     In an effort to help my loved ones, I began to study Chinese Qigong methods of healing in the middle 1990's, and wanted to further that work with a more traditional "hands on" therapy.  My wife happened upon an article about a Thai massage school in Miami, FL, and it immediately captured my attention.  I packed up my small Chevy Blazer with enough dry cereal and breakfast bars for a month and headed south to Miami.  I spent four weeks at the exclusive Mandrin Oriential Hotel and Spa on Miami's Biscayne Bay learning the traditional northern style of Thai massage from the Mandrin's senior Thai massage instructor.  It was the hardest course I've ever taken...and one of the most rewarding.

     I returned to Franklin ready to start a Thai massage practice, but quickly found out that according to Tennessee state law, you need to have a massage license to practice any kind of Thai bodywork.  I eventualy enrolled in Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies in Brentwood, TN, and upon graduation, I took the Tennessee state and national massage licensing exams.  (I passed!)

     As I pondered how I could specialize my massage practice and make it better and different from everyone else, I wondered if there was anyone else out there who didn't enjoy driving through traffic to a spa for a massage, hunt for a parking space, pay $65 for a 55 minute session, jump back into a car and fight traffic all the way back home.  That just didn't seem relaxing to me.

     So, I decided that my massage practice would be totally outcall, in-home massage therapy.  I would provide excellent massage services in the comfort and safety of my client's own home, eliminating the drive to the spa, the hunt for a parking space and the stress.

     In my massage practice, I specialize in Swedish massage, Thai massage, acupressure and Lymphatic drainage techniques.  In January of 2007, I received additional training in massage techniques that are specially adapted to survivors of cancer.  Although many massage therapists are taught to never massage a cancer patient or survivor, if done correctly and with care, massage can be extremely healing to the mind, body and spirit of anyone who has undergone cancer treatment.

     March, 2008...I've just completed a wonderful Prenatal Massage Certification course and am enjoying incorporating Prenatal Massage into my practice.  The wonders of the human body become even more amazing to me when I see the development of life inside a woman.  It's an honor to be a part of that wonderful time of her life...and the baby's too!

     In addition to my training in Prenatal Massage, I am also Nashville's first and only Certified Fertility Massage Specialist.  My training in fertility massage can help any couple in their efforts to conceive a child.  This type of massage is designed to help clear physical and energetic blockages to the reproductive organs, thus providing a healthier enviroment for both mother and father to conceive a baby.