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Fertility Self Massage

Self Massage Techniques to Enhance Fertility


The following massage technique is intended as a reference only and not as a medical treatment.  The information given here is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health.  It is not intended as a substitute for any tretement that may have been perscribed by your doctor.  Phil Mandley, LMT assumes no liability for injury due to misuse of the information below.  If you suspect that you have a medical problem, I urge you to not perform this technique and seek competent medical help.

Variations of this self massage technique have been around for centuries.  This technique is great for any woman (not pregnant) who wants to improve her overall reproductive health.


This massage is called the Uterus Lift.  The first thing you need to do is find your uterus.  Some 80 percent of all women carry their uterus below the natural positon in their body.  Alot of this has to do with our upright, standing lifestyle, lack of exercise and poor dietary choices.

The Technique

1.  Lie on your back with your knees slightly raised.  (Placing a pillow under your knees can help relax your back and the muscles and ligaments around your pubic bone).

2.  Place your fingertips of both hands on the top of your pubic bone.  The pubic bone is located just slightly below your natural pubic hair line.

3.  From the pubic bone, gently press your fingertips down toward your back.  Your fingers are now moving towards your uterus.  When you can't go any further, then your're probably under your uterus.  (NOTE!  YOU SHOULD NOT FEEL ANY PAIN.  IF YOU DO...STOP!) 

4.   Gently scoop and lift your uterus up toward your navel.  Hold this position 33 seconds, then release.

 For more information on this technique (and alot of great fertility information), please readFertility Wisdom by Angela C. WU, LAC, OMD